What a night, and what a reason to celebrate!  Thursday, April 20 our clothing arrived in Austin and we threw our launch party at Eberly.

Yours truly at the entrance to our party

I am wearing the Mint Julep, which I shortened.


We chose the private lounge and bar, as it felt like a secret and hidden place for fun.

David Kurio  was the artist behind the flowers.  The amazing arrangements created much joy and quite the buzz!

Of course, drinks and food were served with August Morgan Cocktail Napkins.

There was passed food as well as a charcuterie board.

Because even models need to eat!

Speaking of models, they were all fantastic.  Hair was done by Ricky Hodges and Mel Martell of  Ricky Hodge Salon.  Make up by Christy Rivers.  

The party flowed beautifully thanks to Deejay Honeycomb. 

You know it was a good party when the photographer, David Heisler,  dances with the models!

As the party wound down, every guest left with an August Morgan Pillow

And a swag bag!

All August Morgan Clothing may be purchased here.

Have a great weekend, and party on!