Oh my goodness.  Enough with this Labor Day nonsense, the children need to back in school ASAP.  They are driving me nuts and are one of the main reasons why I drink.



Just kidding, of course.  But I am not one of those mothers who post on Facebook "Can't believe summer is over!  Went by too fast!  Not ready to send my babies back to school!!!!"

What?  My children need the structure of school and sports, or else they tend to trash the house, claw each others eyes out or whine about how bored they are.  This Labor Day weekend my husband and I drove kids around to movies, to the pool, to the mall.  We labored on labor day, sure enough.

I also have work to do, thank you very much.  My week at NYNOW was the best ever.  I sold many, many cocktail napkins to new and old stores!  I must ship ship ship!



The biggest hit of the August Morgan booth was the Overserved cocktail napkin.



A set of for for $32 may be purchased here.  And, as per usual, they come in our darling August Morgan gift box.




I guess there are a lot of fun tennis players out there! There is actually a tennis class at my club this morning that I was considering taking.  But then I remembered all of the cocktail napkins I need to ship.  Plus my office has a big TV with unlimited Law and Order....

Over and Out!