Oh my goodness. I can barely do anything I am so nervous about today's election. There are so many things I need to get done but somehow cannot muster the strength to step away from CNN.

To Do List :

1. Clean car. I am slated to drive on my daughter's field trip. I am already regretting signing up to volunteer.

2. Choose Holiday Cards. I have been too lazy in the past years to schedule a photographer and choose cards. My daughter always begs for a Holiday Card, and my answer is "why be like everyone else? Those cards look so forced! or, Do you really want to kill trees?" But this year I had the children's photograph taken and you will be getting a card!!!!!

3. Buy food for kids.

But these will probably not get taken care of. I have already early voted, and for...........




But this is not a political blog, so I would not pass judgement on you for any vote, as long as you voted. I, in fact, dated a series of Republicans in my twenties. It was the go-go nineties in NYC and it was the era of Investment Bankers.... But I digress...

Do you have election day inertia? Do you know what I would do if I were you? Buy my products!

If you have a hankering for a pillow, I have many fun new ones listed. If you plan to drink heavily before, during, and after the election are you in luck!!



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I am thrilled to announce that three styles of my cocktail napkins are for sale on Anthropologie's website.



So, get to it! Calm those election jitters with August Morgan products and your beverage of CHOICE!!!