Hello All!

I am back from my jaunt to NYC for NY NOW.  


Ariana and I had a ball selling our newest cocktail napkins...

Foo For Love Napkin

Foo for Love

Flock Tails Napkin

Flock Tails


Just a Swallow Napkin

Just a Swallow


I also debuted my new line of August Morgan Clothing. All of the clothing are named after cocktails.  Here is the Gin and Tonic Shirt and Skirt.

G&T Skirt

Greyhound Blue & White

The Blue Greyhound

The collection was really well received and I am thrilled!  You may pre order now.  The clothing will ship mid April.

I frequently was asked why I chose to create a line of clothing.  There are a few answers.  One is that I love a uniform.  I do not like to have to think of an outfit daily. I like to know I have something to wear in my closet, clothing that I can slip on and feel dressed and ready to go.

The line of clothing is designed for the woman who buys our cocktail napkins.  Or men, heck, whoever wants them!  Men, message me about sizes.  Anyhoo, the dresses are for women of all ages and sizes; women who take the time to use nice cocktail napkins and take the time to slip on one of our cute dresses.

Another reason is that I am tired of seeing women in work out gear around town.  I decided to become an Anti Activewear Activist and get women out of the sweaty sweats and into something attractive.  


You may go about your daily business in work out gear if you are : a yogi, a spin instructor, a coach, a professional athlete, etc.  If you do not fit into these categories, please dress for the day, and the weekends.  Activewear is not appropriate for the grocery store, your children's school, nor any errand.  Activewear is for exercising.  

I don't want to hear the excuse that activewear is comfortable.  Nothing is more comfortable than an August Morgan dress! All are made out of cotton shirting material.  All have pockets, and most are lined.

French 75

The French 75

When you dress for the day, you show respect for yourself and for others.  You also get more accomplished. 

When you order an August Morgan dress, I will throw in this cute tote for free

Foo For Love Bag

You can put your gym clothes in it!




Kate Hersch