Dear Readers:

Last I left you I was headed to the Hamptons for a month. "ooh la la," you must be thinking. Well, you are quite wrong. I had a magnificent trip, but I had to clean, clean, clean.

I am lucky enough to have a housekeeper, aka the mother to my children, and I am not the neatest of people. Mess does not upset me one bit. As my aunt once said, "an unmade bed is a sexy bed." Try it! It will get you out of making the bed forever!

At first I pretended I was on a commercial whenever I had to fold a load of laundry, "wow, if this detergent gets out EVEN Kevin's stains!" Or while unloading the dishwasher I would hold up a wine glass, then look into the pretend camera, "CRYSTAL CLEAR!"



Yes, the first week I reveled in domesticity, stopping at farm stands and cooking fresh and local. Then is got old. Real old.

Where was El Rey, my husband through all of this? Oh, well, working of course! He was screaming into the phone on conference calls during the day. When he would walk into the den and see me stitching and watching TV, I would say, "your not the ONLY one who has a job, Mister!."



But the kids had fun, and isn't that the point?



Actually it was relaxing and divine. Great friends, the beach, shopping, day drinking, etc.

Speaking of drinking, and really, who isn't.................



I am going to debut my new line of cocktail napkins at the New York International Gift Show this Sunday!  Come by and say HI!!  Booth 7942 At Home in Textiles, Javits Center. 

There are four different designs and I know you will want them all.  They will be up on the website later this week if you are not in the Tri State Area.

Yes, I am scampering back to NYC for a fun filled time.  No meals to plan, no kids to carpool, no lunches to pack for a week.  And then school starts.  And I will be enthusiastic about all school related activities and all sports shenanigans.  I'll just pretend I'm in a movie about a really good mom with lots of really good jewelry.