Hello!  I am back from my week in Atlanta,  selling!

I had a ball!  I picked up new accounts, made new trade show friends, and relished being in a hotel room for a week.  I also introduced my new Giraffe Cocktail Napkin.....




Whilst I was away, El Rey did a fabulous job with the children.  And why wouldn't he?  He is their father.

One time during my stay in Atlanta he informed me that he was winning "many points" with other parents for taking care of the Herschettes.  

Points?  That's RICH!  Why would you earn points for being a parent!  Last I checked it took two to tango to produce the Herschettes. 

El Rey is always traveling and I don't get any points.  To hear him tell it, West Austin was close to throwing a parade in his honor.

To El Rey's credit he was relaying messages that others said.  He is a fabulous and supportive husband.

I arrived home yesterday afternoon, and El Rey left last night for a business trip.  Like him, I helped with homework, made dinner, made sure children bathed, etc.  Today I will do the same.

And I will take those points.  I will take them in the form of loose gemstones, thank you!