I am over the moon that my August Morgan Cocktail Napkins were listed as one of Ivanka Trump's Twelve Things She Can't Live Without in this month's Elle Decor!  I admire her so and this was a big treat for me!

We quickly ran out of Buzzed!  I will have more in very soon so shoot me an email if you want me to tell you when they are in.

In order to keep up with the demand of cocktail napkins (one can NEVER have enough), I am going to Vietnam next week.  I will meet with manufacturers and head to the beach afterwards.  I am really excited!  

What to pack?  I'll think of that later, but I wanted to share with you what I ALWAYS get on a plane with.  I know you are dying to know!



1.  T. Anthony Tote

Like Ivanka, I love T. Anthony Luggage.  I have a few pieces in purple and they are easy to spot on the luggage carousel.  My Town and Country Tote carries my laptop, books, and magazines beautifully!

2. Hermes Cashmere Shawl

My husband gave me one years ago and the shawl still looks fabulous.  It keeps me at the perfect temperature on the plane.

3.  Booze.  

Why not?  I love to drink on a plane!

4. Needlework.  

When I worked at Sotheby's, a very chic lady who sold catalogues once said to me, "I never get on a plane without needlework."  And I never have not since. It relaxes and calms me.  I am currently making a crab Bermuda purse.


Speaking of CRABS....... There is a new Cocktail Napkin!



The Shell We Have Another Napkin may be purchased here.

Well, I must go pack for my trip!






This is Ariana, #2 at August Morgan.  She is going with me to Vietnam!