This week I had the honor to be included as a vendor in a holiday sale.  The sale took place at a gorgeous Austin estate and had other nice vendors.  I enjoyed the last of the balmy Texas weather and making money, naturally.

One woman came to my table and looked at my wares as if they were space junk that had recently fallen to Earth.  "What are these?," she wondered.  "Why, cocktail napkins," I replied.  She stood there trying to take it all in and then said "like coasters?"

Was this woman raised by wolves?  Did Mammaw and Pappaw not use embroidered cocktail napkins whilst they drank their moonshine from a jug with XXX on it?

I then thought, why can't I be nice?  I resolved to educate her on linens that do not wind up in the garbage with a red solo cup, but she made a beeline to the bar instead.

I resolve to be nice, nicer, less snarky.  Some ideas include :

1. Tilt one's head to the side when talking to another person.  It provides the illusion that you are interested in what they are saying.

2.  Smile, not sneer, at OPC (other people's children).

3.  volunteer

Yesterday my children and I made "stockings" for the homeless.  We took socks and filled them with deodorant, food, combs and the like.  We then drove to a downtown homeless shelter and dropped them off.

On the ride home the children were silent.  I imagined them taking in the solemness of the shelter.  I was sure they were counting their blessings, vowing to be better siblings and children.

When they children returned home they immediately began to beat each other up again.  It was a long day.

Do you know what you could do to be nice?  Purchase my Embroidered Whale Cocktail Napkin.

And me?  I am going to keep on trying to be nice.....

I hear there's a pill for it!