Good Monday to ya!

When I was first dating my husband we would go out all the time in New York and eat and drink.  And drink and drink. Soon after we were married I noticed he didn't have a cocktail upon coming home from work.  I found this odd on many levels, one being that when my father came home from work I would fix a "gin and tonky" for him.  Sweet memories.

I asked my husband why he wasn't drinking.   He said he wasn't a big drinker.  WHAT???  I pointed out that he drank all the time when we were dating.  He replied that he just drank to woo me.  I was shocked.  A friend said she would testify in a court of law if we ever divorced that I was wooed under false pretenses.

 My husband was the inspiration for this napkin.

We just returned from Las Vegas last night and I was pleasantly surprised.  He brought his A game.  I was impressed.  Cocktails, wine with dinner, cocktails.  He even stayed up until four AM gambling, long after I had returned to bed.




I woke up to a sunny day and a thick wad of cash on the bedside table.  El Rey said he "and a toothless woman" played mega slots.  I had already spent the money in my mind at Hermes.



We flew home on a fancy jet with fellow fun Texans.  Before lift off we toasted one on other with beer and wine.  After thirty minutes, El Rey was fast asleep.  The party boy was turning back into a boar.

Which is fine by me, really.  Because I am not a boar.  I am a Rhino.



these may be purchased here.

And there's only room for one Rhino in a family.