Last I left you I swore off those online quizzes.  I slipped up.  I took one that measures how much of a hipster you are.  Answer : I am not a hipster.  Shocking but true.

I don't like crafted beer, beards, DIY projects, terrariums and the like but I don't hate them either.  And I respect people's rights to like those things.

One night in NYC many moons ago, my boyfriend at the time and I were walking from a dinner in Little Italy.  His friends were in town for the Hair Show.  They produced the black frocks you wear when at the salon.  In fact, earlier in the day I had been a last minute hair model on a revolving stage whilst getting my hair did.  But I digress.

Anyhoo, my boyfriend's friends treated us to a huge feast at an Italian restaurant complete with cannolis.  We couldn't eat another thing when they arrived, so they were wrapped up and forced on us in a to go box.

As we strolled down Mulberry Street we passed a scraggly young man.   We offered him our cannolis, which he accepted.  Seconds later he turned and said, "Hey, did you think I was homeless?"  In fact we did.  Turns out he was not homeless he was a hipster.  Lesson learned, but cannolis shared.

I have created a napkin for those who think my napkins are too preppy for them :



Who doesn't love a mid-century modern house cocktail napkin?



The set of four hand embroidered cocktail napkins come in the cute August Morgan box and retail for $32 and may be bought here.

"And just what are you, Missy" you may be thinking?  Answer : no clue.  Sometimes I feel preppy, sometimes I dress like a house bound invalid in a ratty Mexican dress (not in public).  If only there was a quiz to take online to tell me who I really am and what group I belong to!




*Although I am dressed like a Stepford Wife here I am rather liberal!


*Although I am dressed like a Stepford Wife here I am rather liberal!