*Cue Willie Nelson

Well it's a Bloody Mary Morning....  Well, not for me but for the gentleman in back of me.  I am on a Delta Jet to Atlanta for #39x43.  This is a shopping event curated by Jess Graves of the fabulous Love List.

I must stay sober until I set up my shop.   So I drink my coffee and exhale and relax for a bit.

This morning at six am :

Me : Darling, the car is here. I'm off to the airport
El Rey (startled and still asleep) : What?!!!  But who's going to take care of everything??
Me : You.  Ciao for now!

At the airport I saw some curious outfits.  Note to the American public : it's not okay to wear flip flops of any sort to travel.  It's wrong on so many levels.  And that especially goes to the gentleman at the airport bookstore buying Bowhunting Monthly.

So come see me if you are in Atlanta!  I must go now.  I've got a Vanity Fair to read.