Good Morning All!

I am back and reunited with Tinkerbell Hersch. I was in sunny California for a week with my boy child.

My daughter was on a school trip and El Rey was working, so my son and I surfed, visited friends and worked on our tan.

One day we were in our hot tub, chatting with various hotel guests.  A gentleman mentioned that he was from Boulder.  My son, the sports fanatic, asked how he liked the Super Bowl.  The gentleman responded that he did not like the Super Bowl.

Well, the gentleman was the head coach of the Broncos!  Can you believe it?  My son was a wee bit horrified as he had been singing the praises of the Seahawks, and quickly sang the praises of Peyton Manning.  The coach could have not been more kind and gracious and it was a highlight of my son's life to meet him.

Okay, enough kiddo talk.  I need to get back to work and these kids need to back in school, STAT.  I have a new office.  It's getting very cute and I will post photos of it when it gets really cute.

In the mean time I wanted to show you the fantastic box my my August Morgan cocktail napkins come in:

Isn't this fun?  It's a gift already wrapped!

What's not to love?  Especially if you are an organized person and like things in their place.  I am not one such person so I can only imagine.

The best part about my new cocktail napkin box is that it is included in the same fabulous price!

As per usual, these may be purchased here or at your finer home boutiques!