Do I have to put up those Halloween decorations?  If you drive around my leafy, lush neighborhood you will see gigantic spiders clinging to doric columns, wacky scarecrows in the yard, and the wretched witch on a broom crashing into a tree.  I don't even have a pumpkin out.

I loathe the idea of forced fun, and hate even more the idea of decorating for it.  That's why I married a Jewish man; you just put a menorah out and you are finished.  But there is eight nights of gift giving.  That does require effort.  Last year my daughter asked "Mom, please wrap my gifts this year."  Oh, children!  Needy and greedy at the same time.

I did impress myself by having the kids costumes done by now.  Now I have to decorate.  Last year we made decorations, which embarrassed my children.  I thought them clever.
Nothing says Halloween like a spider in a terrarium full of succulents!

 I even baked cookies!

Mmmmmm. Not really.
What will I give myself as a bribe to decorate my house the way my children want me to?  Let's think on that.
I was at the hair dresser's last week, and while waiting for my hair to turn blonde I overheard a very loud mother yapping away on the phone.  "I told her if she lost five pounds I will buy her a guinea pig, and then she got the stomach flu.  I told her that didn't count!"  Really, bribing a your child to
lose weight makes me the mother of the year!!  I bet she has that wretched witch in her yard.

Do you have a task or errand you are loathe to do?  Bribe yourself with an August Morgan Elephant Throw!

 The Elephant Throw measures 60 x 60 inches, is reversible in slate blue and off white.  100% cotton and is so very soft.  Woven like a knitted sweater.

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And my bribe for buying decorations?  No bribe big enough.  I've decided to send my housekeeper to the store for a pumpkin.  I am going to rip a giant spider off my neighbor's column and put it on mine.

Happy Halloween!