Dear Readers :

I have been back in Texas for two weeks and am ready to get out of town. It is HOT here, and my wee son has started tackle football! We left El Rey and my daughter up en Los Hamptons since Texas football practice starts August 1! Yes, conquer and divide, that's how we parent. We both work and try to split parental duties. So I have been here hydrating my son, buying sports things at Academy, and trying to understand how football garb works.

On a positive note, I have been reunited with my beloved pets.


Sweet Old Lucy doesn't seem to mind that "Jib" is tucked into her collar

Tinkerbell seems to think she is a Herschette 

And then there is Fred....

My son was given Fred for his birthday. At first I was perturbed to have yet another thing to keep alive, but now I love Fred. I like to decorate his man cave anew each week. I really think Fred loves me, for thrice daily at feeding time he squirms about as I sing to him and drop flakes near his mouth. Either that or he wants to kill me for giving him a Sponge Bob house.


It could go either way, really.

But In a week I will be gone, And El Rey will be responsible for feeding the Herschettes and pets.

I will be at NY NOW, formerly The New York International Gift Show, selling pillows, cocktail napkins and guest towels.


This is my newest cocktail napkin, a reindeer with a wintry scarf and the phrase "OLIVE A MARTINI." I expect to sell out, naturally. You, my pal, may purchase it here if you cannot make it to the Javits Center August 18-21, booth 2552.

While I am selling up a storm, my husband, El Rey, will be buying school supplies, back to school clothes, and arranging schedules. Thank goodness, because that stuff makes me want to cry. I have not been in a big box store for years and for that I am grateful to El Rey.

I am the parent who takes the kids to the doctor, dentist, and orthodontist. After each visit I feel like posting on Facebook that I survived the mundane task, but I realize that not everyone feels it is an accomplishment.

I salute El Rey and his signing kids up for sports, after school activities, school lunches and what have you. But, let's remember, I parent as well.

I am going on a breakfast taco run now; can I pick up a taco for you?