Why a blog, you ask? Well I have always been a day late and a dollar short and this Internet thing is no exception.

Why you, you ask? Why the hell not! I had a boyfriend that used to say, "get off the stage, Kate," and "it's not all about you." He is no longer my boyfriend. My current (and only) husband, El Rey, ignores my self indulgences because he has many of his own.

What is the purpose of this blog, you ask? Well, let's make this up as we go along.

Oh, and to sell pillows. Yes, glorious, glorious pillows.

These are made from vintage needlework, with down inserts, new canvas backs and invisible zipper. They are hand sewn by my fab seamstress, who I found off craigslist!



This is my Embroidered Chinese Snuff Bottle Pillow. It is available in multiples. The pillow is hand silk screened by hipsters in Austin, hand embroidered by fair trade artisans in India and Haiti, and hand made in Austin.

Pillows available at www.augustmorgan.com.

Well, this has been fun. Let's meet back soon. It's 6:00 and I have children to wake and feed and whatnot. Time to make the donuts!!