I bought into the hype. I went to Target for the Missoni. I vowed I wouldn't do this as I have a pretty nice Missoni collection, from before the economic downfall. Plus a few more things from after. Oops!

Anyhoo, I also thought that Missoni for Target would cheapen my cherished Missoni. It had once been my trademark when I actually went out, before the advent of children's football games, swim meets, and other long, hot parenting obligations.

Yesterday at 8:30 am I found myself in a Target parking lot. I noticed the lot was full of Range Rovers and BMW's. I gulped down my coffee and ran into Target, realizing these ladies had 30 minutes on me.

The Missoni in the store was almost wiped clean. I panicked realizing I didn't even have time to fetch a cart. I ran around like a lunatic but I got a few very nice things I shall share with you.

What's that? Oh I wore a Burberry dress from Neiman's to scoop up my Missoni wanna be's.


this is what I bought for my daughter



Shoes, tights, and a frame



I bought this for my housekeeper



I bought the dress at Target, the Missoni cardigan I have had for 6 years!

The bottom sweater is from Target, on top is a five year Missoni cardigan
Score of the day : golden sweater set
If it ever rains in Texas again I will be prepared


I am quite please with the quality. The collection actually goes with some of my Missoni collection.

The houseware section was plucked bare, but no worries:

These August Morgan pillows are very Missoni like. They are made from vintage needlework so they are one of a kind and you won't see them at your neighbor's casa.




Oh, and where will I wear my new Target Missoni? To my children's sporting events, natch!