Yes, this will go down as a historic event no doubt. I am feeling generous and it isn't even wine time. T minus 90 minutes or so...

Anyhoo, from time to time I will read a design blog and a great design book or product is given away. I am not sure how they do that because I am usually too lazy to press a button. And really, there are few things I need.

But there are two things I do want for my birthday.

1. Verdura Cuff. Nuff said.



2. A walk on part of any Law and Order franchise. I LOVE Law and Order.



I could play a character on either the law or the order side. I could be the cop that finds the body "from the looks of it, he's been out in the park all night." Or I could be the opposing lawyer "MOTION TO SUPPRESS!!!." The possibilities are endless.

But I digress. This giveaway is about you, if you are up to the challenge and like the prize.


Nautical Scene Pillow
18 x 18 inches
down/feather insert
natural canvas back and invisible zipper
Hand embroidered by fair trade artisans in India

To be eligible to win, simply write a poem about above pillow. It can be serious, funny, haiku, etc. Just leave your poem in the comments. I will pick the winner in a week from today.

If you just want to buy the dang thing go here.

This contest is open to anyone in the continental United States.


Except for Tinkerbell Hersch because she is a known plagiarist.