Sometimes in the morning, when I am microwaving my children's breakfast, the Today Show is on. I usually watch CNN and get up to date on the world, but usually I have been up since 5 and need to chuckle and sneer at the audience outside of Rockefeller Center.

Do you feel like Ann Curry is judging you, or is it just me? I feel that way when I watch her, but I do covet her snazzy modern wardrobe now that she got that promotion.

After Natalie Morales gives cliff notes on the world's floods and whatnot, she says "and here's what trending today..."

What the hell does that mean I thought the other morning? Turns out it means what popular on the world wide web, like a hilarious video of some poor moose stuck in a swimming pool. Then Al, Matt, Natalie and Ann have a chuckle and prep for the next segment of sending care packages to your child at college.

"Well, what in the hell does this have to do with your blog, Missy?," you may want to ask me. Just the title to my blog : What's Trending Today : August Morgan Southwestern Pillows.

I have always had the uncanny knack to forecast trends, but was too lazy to act and cash in. My college roommate and I wrote a journal called The Drinker's Diaries, and then a year later Bridget Jones Diary came out. I could go on but I fear my blood temperature would rise.

Anyhoo, little ol' me and my pillow company (little ol' me and my housekeeper) are bringing Southwestern decor back, but in a good way. No pink wooden howling coyotes, don't you fret.



A selection of my Southwestern style pillows


Most of these are made from re purposed needlework, with new down inserts and canvas back.  I do have a Squash Blossom Necklace Pillow, which is available in multiples. 


Hand embroidered by fair trade artisans in Haiti, hand sewn in Austin.


Detail of Squash Blossom Necklace Pillow



The talented women in Haiti sewing for August Morgan. We pay a fair wage and transportation and lunch.


Do you think the women in Haiti know what a Squash Blossom Necklace is or were they thinking "what the hell is this?" Not many people are very familiar with Native American jewelry. I grew up spending summers in New Mexico and went to college in Santa Fe for a bit, so I know a bit but want to learn more.




A collection of vintage bracelets at the Millicent Rogers Museum near Taos, NM. I was tempted to break the glass and run for it but my uncle had the car keys. I did buy my necklace in the gift shop. They have an excellent selection of vintage jewelry.



Here I am at the New York Gift Show selling my pillows and wearing my necklace.
Deep thought : does craft imitate life or life imitate craft?


This is a vintage Zuni Cluster Bracelet. I simply must have one.

Last week my husband said he was basically traveling for work until Thanksgiving. I looked him in the eye and said, "I want a vintage Zuni Cluster Bracelet." He asked how much and I answered. His answer was "buy two."

Turns out I accidentally low balled it. Here's what I need for you to do : join the trend for Southwestern August Morgan Pillows and buy, buy, buy! You could help me fulfill my dream of the week. Imagine me drinking coffee in the morning, Zuni Cluster Bracelet shining on my wrist as I bring the cup of coffee to my lips, stopping to chuckle at the Today Show clip of a baby bear running through the produce aisle at an Alaska super market.