Summer can be a bummer if you have school age children.  Unless you are the fun mom at the pool, which I am not.  The pool is hot and there are OPC (other people's children). Fortunately my club has a margarita that packs a wallop.

I love my children, of course. Now that they are a teen and a tween it's really getting fun to see the people they are growing into.  I do love a newborn, but there are so many things about raising small children that I do not miss:

  • Bubbles
  • Raisins
  • Cartoons of any sort

But here in the Hersch household, we do have a new baby.  A baby puppy that is!


Bunny Bixler-Hersch


I love her so much it hurts.

Even when she is bad Bunny is very, very cute.


Tinkerbell and Bunny are best friends


Here at August Morgan Worldwide Headquarters, we've been growing as well.

Mrs. Susie T has been hired as Head of Shipping


And we have many more styles of napkins: 


Tipsy Napkin

We also have a new line of stemless wine glasses!

All of our new products can be found at

Have a fabulous summer, relax and keep growing!