Lately on Facebook people have been posting their results on various quizzes.  They range from "What Kind of Bird Are You?" to "What Color are You?".  I rarely take these quizzes but I did take the "What Character on Downton Abbey Are You?" and the results were infuriating.

Anna.  Anna?  The dowdy maid?  What?  Hell no!  I want to be one of the sisters, except for the dead one because she dies.  And she married the chauffeur which I'm not really into.  I would rather be Isis the family dog than Anna.

Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to have a quiz that would decipher what kind of cocktail napkin you are but I have no clue how to even begin to do that.  I will instead read into what kind of person you are by the type of August Morgan Cocktail napkin you most identify with.  FYI,  I am making this up as I go..........

The Classic Beauty


You are always well coiffed and are a sought after guest at parties.  You have a way with words   Drink of choice : Vodka Soda with a splash of lemon.


The Party Girl


The party doesn't officially start until you get there.  You may be from the South.  You have a wicked sense of humor and are a friend to all.  Drink of choice : Maker's Mark and whatever.


The Aesthete


You have the chicest house out of all your friends.  You have an encyclopedic knowledge of art history and architecture and design.  You are an expert at entertaining.  Drink of choice : white wine (doesn't stain).

I could go on and perhaps I will sometime.  My glass is empty and must be refilled.  What kind of August Morgan Napkin are you?  Do tell.

Oh and I have stopped taking those quizzes on Facebook.  The last one I took, "Which Mad Men Character are You," said I was Ken Cosgrove.  What?  Ken F%$#*ing Cosgrove??  I'm going to keep taking that quiz.  Until I get Betty.