Hello Readers!

How is your summer?  Mine has been wonderful, thank you.  I have been relaxing en Los Hamptons.

Seeing family...........

Entertaining friends...........

And exercising!  I have not abandoned running, and in fact have added a barre class.  I turned FORTY yesterday and will do my best to be in the best shape I can be given my commitment to red wine.

A few weeks ago during a heat wave I decided to go on a run.  I put a dollar in my running shorts.  In a pocket, thank you, thinking I could buy a Poland Spring Water if need be.

I ran past horses.....

And a vineyard.......


Then I was parched. I ran to a famous take out gourmet shop. I opened the door and was greeted by cool crisp AC. The patrons of the store were good looking and many wore jodhpurs. I was in five year old Nike shorts and a ratty v neck tee from Gap. I waited patiently while the patrons scooped up luxurious foods, including the $100 per pound lobster salad. Finally it was my turn. I eyed a mini Evian bottle of water.

Me : How much is the Evian?

Twenty something behind counter with Russian accent : Two dollars.

Me : But I only have a dollar!

Twenty something just shrugs.

I mean, really! Wouldn't you offer me a glass of water or a drink off the hose outside?

I ran east and thought I would collapse on the side of the highway. I came to a public golf center and cafe. I stumbled in and held up my wrinkled sweat stained dollar and said, "I only have this and may I please have some water?" The sweet man gave me Vitamin Water, you know, the kind of fancy water that Jennifer Anniston drinks. I had never had this, and it did the trick. I ran home. Showered. Went to the beach and dropped off $3 to the golf center that had saved my life.

And the gourmet food shop? I went there later that afternoon. I had guests coming and I needed food. The crab puffs are divine.