Gentle Readers,

I survived my hiking spa! And I feel healthy and in much better shape, thanks for asking.

We hiked 50 miles around Malibu in a week

I am happy to report I am back on the sauce but continue to exercise. I am running one hour a day.

Tinkerbell insists on coming with. She takes many breaks in the creek and finds me on the trail. Tinkerbell does not need a leash. She is too good for that.

Well, it's getting HOT here in Texas, and I just don't mean the 108 degree heat. The politics are blowing up. Since this is a blog about my business I shall refrain on saying more than...

This man trusts me to make decisions, and I trust him

I leave soon to the beaches of Long Island. I will stitch, entertain, and swim in the ocean with my children. Not to worry, there are people here at August Morgan Worldwide Headquarters to fill orders while I am away.

In fact, I have a new napkin!!

This hand embroidered napkin may be purchased here.

Have a great summer and if you see me on the beach, please say hello!