Tomorrow I am interviewing a gal to be my intern! Why do you need an intern, you might ask? I was hoping you would tell me! But it seems like everyone has one, and since El Rey, my husband, won't give me a personal assistant, an intern will do.


Do you think I can ask an intern to give me daily blowouts so I can look like this for the carpool line?



The intern will be trained to help me embroider my pillows. I tried to employ my children and dogs. No go


I was an intern once....Oh the salad days!  My summer internship lead me to my one and only job pre pillow maker, at, Sotheby's.  Those were some fun times as a 20 something in Client Services in New York.  I would tell you about them but it is not wine time and I have dogs to walk.

Anyhoo, I will actually pay the intern to be a few hours a week to organize, promote pillows, and whatever else I need.



Intern to Bergdorf Goodman : "may I please send you a sample of our hand embroidered Greek Vase Pillow?"

What do you think I should have my intern do?  Think about it while I walk my dogs, something an intern might just want to do for me.....